In Your Dreams App
Intrigued by the psychology of dreams, I set out to design a mobile app that could utilize an AI chat interface to quickly and intuitively aid in dream journaling. The user can access personal dream history, record new dreams, and over time, see aggregated insights about their dreams.

To aid in my research, I experimented using a custom GPT to search dream interpretation and UX research websites, and generated a group of diverse individuals that IĀ could interview to gain an understanding of potential use cases for the app.

AI Aided Research

I created a custom GPT to create 15 fictional users for interview and preliminary data compiling. I asked them each a series of questions, and used that data to generate aggregated empathy maps. The empathy maps ultimately built up to the personas seen here.

User Journeys

Here is an example of a first time user experience. I wanted to ensure the user got a feel for the apps features, so they would feel comfortable as soon as possible. Based on the differences in persona goals, IĀ realized that unique notifications and preferred starting screen settings could help each user get what they wanted out of the features. Another key re-engagement feature will be a "wake up reminder" notification that takes the user directly to where they can record a recent dream in the morning.

Flow Diagrams

The goal for the Record a Dream feature was to have an intuitive chat interface that guides the user through gathering and sorting all of the user's input with minimal effort and resistance. This is especially important due to the fleeting nature of recalling dreams after waking.
Record a Dream Feature Flow Diagram

Screen Examples

Record A dream ScreenMy Dreams History List viewMy Dreams History Calendar ViewMy Dreams Graph View